Since 2006, Stirling has been designing client specific training programs. His approach is known for delivering on the highest of expectations, while also making the experience an enjoyable one.  



Stirling's approach to fitness is simple. He listens and delivers. It's not about creating the hardest workout, or adhering to the latest extreme diet, instead it's about working out smarter and eating wiser. Knowing that every movement made and every nutrient consumed, can get you closer to having the body you want. Imparting that knowledge to clients ensures that the results are maintained. In fully understanding the strategy, one is able to position themselves on a trajectory for success. 


If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong
— Stirling Spencer, CPT

Fundamental views

  • The appropriate exercise selection is key...because there can be unintended consequences to just doing random exercises (like developing an unproportionately built body). 
  • Assessing one's current fitness level is a must, in being able to develop a comprehensive strategy.
  • Exercise alone won't cut it. You've got to have a nutritional plan in place too.
  • There will be hurdles along the way, that's a given. My knowledge and expertise, combined with your commitment will get us over them.  
  • As one's body changes, the exercises one does must also evolve. If not, gains will be lost. 
  • Being extreme is least for awhile. Being moderate is what gets you there.